2km and 4,654 miles

This work was made as a reflective scrapbook during lockdown where my heart felt like it was in two homes at once. My memories swayed between my current home in Ireland and my childhood home in Colorado; pondering the past while being firmly stuck in the present. Using images made during lockdown in Ireland with images I had from my childhood growing up in Colorado I created a series of collages representing how much both places intertwine in my heart, representative of the nostalgia I feel for my time in both places.
Centrally concerned with nostalgia, a nostalgia for happy memories in both places, which is what really makes them both home, this work is emblematic of many of our own mixed feelings during recent events. Feelings on unease and uncertainty clash with thoughts and of friends and family and a yearning for a simpler time.
The title of 2km and 4,654 miles a reference to the two most important distances during COVID. The 2km I could travel locally and 4,654 miles I could not travel back to my family. 

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