As the two-headed bird left

I grew up in a religious family in a Islamic country, but at a young age I realized I was an apostate and gay - both punishable by death. I grew up trying my hardest to fit in but I always had a, very well concealed, target on my back simply because of who I was.

My main purpose to life in my country was to minimize the footprint I left inside my home. I refused to take pictures past the age of 13; I had told my mother it was “so that when I die it was like I never existed past my childhood”. While then I never knew the weight of my words, that had always been my plan – an escape.

It was safe to say I grew up very disconnected to myself as well as my home – I compressed myself and day by day I resented everything around me. The project I’ve made was a passion project in order to re-connect to all the things I’ve lost in my journey for freedom. I wanted to express how anonymous I felt, the loss I’ve felt and my newfound appreciation for the things I managed to hold onto on my journey.

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